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Many adults are suffering long-term emotional or behavioural difficulties, which stem from having lost normal family life through being sent away to boarding school as children.

Amongst the general public, such an education is associated with economic advantage and privilege rather than psychological problems.

Sufferers, therefore, rarely identify themselves and their symptoms are often hidden behind a brittle façade of competence. Shame from having had such a privileged start, can prevent them from acknowledging their distress.

Such adults often have difficulty asking for help and can experience all manner of intimate issues in relationships. They are frequently emotionally cut-off as a result of living in an atmosphere where it was normal to keep silent about emotional stress.

I am one of a group of accredited psychotherapists and counsellors who have undertaken specialised training in working with adult ex-boarders.

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Further Reference

Petruska Clarkson, consultant psychologist writing in the BMJ, in her review of Nick Duffell’s groundbreaking book, The Making of Them.

“Adults who were sent away to boarding school from their family homes often learnt both to endure unacceptably brutal interpersonal practices such as humiliation, sexual violation, and bullying and to keep silent about them.
When these kinds of trauma emerge in adulthood in the form of stress related disease, inability to sustain meaningful intimate sexual relationships, and mental and emotional breakdowns, adults often don't even know how to begin to acknowledge their long-hidden pain to themselves, let alone talk to someone else (such as their medical practitioner) about their suffering. This, as we know from the psychological research evidence, often leads to further psychosomatic difficulties in terms of overworking to the point of burnout, multiple serious health problems, and drug and alcohol misuse.”

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