Services: Body Psychotherapy

Nicola Miller Psychotherapy

Body psychotherapy

This approach is effective with a wide range of emotional, psychological and psychosomatic problems, including:-

  • – stress
  • – anxiety
  • – low self esteem
  • – bereavement
  • – post traumatic stress
  • – relationship difficulties
  • – change of situation or transition

Body Psychotherapy is the process of becoming more fully who we are..It is a respected tradition that is increasingly recognised and scientifically validated as a missing link in the field of cognitive psychotherapies. It has evolved over the past 70 years as a result of research in many disciplines such as neuro-physiology, developmental psychology, perinatal studies, and anthropology, combined with a deepening appreciation of eastern and non-european approaches.

Although Body Psychotherapists are specifically trained to work with physical touch it is not always necessary to make contact in that way. If both client and therapist feel touch to be appropriate, it will be carefully and slowly negotiated according to the clients sense of what is useful to them.

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